Monday, October 8, 2012

Wampus Country Roll Call

There's a game I want to happen. Maybe you'd like to play? Its a Play by Post set in a tall-tale fantasy wilderness called Wampus Country. The setting is great, go and see. 

Here are the details. +Erik Jensen has this living, breathing, and unique land just waiting for us to kick around in. He's using Labyrinth Lord as his base rules. His house rules are on his blog. 

If you're wondering what that might look like using some version of Basic D&D as its engine, I will tell you that recently some PC's stopped a gigantic rooster from destroying a yeah.

Erik says: 
"I'm projecting a "fairly casual" pace - looking at a minimum of 4 posts a week as we find our feet, and adjusting from there.  My posts will most likely be in the evening (EST) during the work-week.

Please distinguish between ic spoken, ic narrative, and ooc text by some clear means in your posts.  I don't need standardization so long as I can easily tell what's what!"

You don't need to know anything about the setting except that we're going to try and play in a game where things like The Jack Tales, the legend of Mike Fink, are mostly true. It could get a little Deadwood, or be more Wild, Wild, West or O' Brother Where art Thou? ... but one thing it won't be is boring. Particularly if you are there with me. So...consider it won't you?

If you're interest is peaked, then let Erik know. He'll provide greater details, I'm just the hawker.

Here are some things that might get you in the mood: