Thursday, June 19, 2014

D30 folks you met in prison

D30-ish fellow prisoners and their disposition

  1. Alice Lively:  Friendly
  2. Aggravated Karl: Hostile
  3. Cap'n: Neutral
  4. Carnie Asada:  Neutral
  5. Cat-Fart / Puke: Hostile
  6. Chafey & Slick Nethers: Friendly
  7. Gaurmish: Neutral
  8. Grumbles / Mumbles: Neutral
  9. Handsome Glauk / Prettyboy Thor: Neutral
  10. Hapless / Lucky: Friendly
  11. Jah-Balance: Friendly
  12. Jenny Quid: Neutral
  13. Li'l Debbie: Friendly
  14. Maggie Pup: Hostile
  15. Marigold: Neutral
  16. Narr Neckbeard: Neutral
  17. Og the Mot: Neutral
  18. One-Two: Neutral
  19. Piddling Pete: Neutral
  20. Ponyboy: Neutral
  21. Poxy / Sleazy: Neutral
  22. Relioh: Neutral
  23. Rubberlegs: Neutral
  24. Shane McGowan: Uncooperative
  25. Sours: Friendly
  26. Slop / Wanks: Neutral
  27. The Neck: Neutral
  28. Three Teeth: Hostile
  29. Ulk Big-Thumb: Neutral
  30. Vorgrak the Voormi: Hostile
I'm doing a little leg work for a Savage Worlds conversion of SC-1 Perils of the Sunken City by +Jon Marr. Thanks to the G+ people, I now have an easy list of Extras to put through the funnel with the PC's. The idea is to get as much of the Savage Worlds system out in the open in stages as I can. Extras are a fun, and distinct feature of Savage Worlds, and the Extras that make it back alive with the party could become fixtures of the game.

If I wanted something closer to an actual funnel, I'd just give the players four chumps, and let them pick names from this list. I don't think the players in question are accustomed to that, so I'll probably have them build Novice level characters and throw them in with this bunch. The most important thing will be to throw in a quiet moment where they can talk about how they wound up in Mustertown's prison interlude later in the dungeon to milk Bennies might serve that purpose. I'm actually thinking of starting the game "after" the group has been attacked by the opossum men and then "skipping back" to the start in a bit of a flashback, but that might be too fancy for me. We'll see.

Roll, or use any name that strikes your fancy, mark them off and write new ones in if you want to keep a living list of scum. Some are grouped to pair the list down to 30.x

2 to 4 per PC depending, they're designed to be fodder for the funnel. Flat d6 in everything. If a player takes a real interest in one, add D8 skill or to something implied by nickname. Nickname will imply personality unless you wish to roll for or invent one. Purple Sorcerer has a great little generator for 0-level that could throw up some inspiring info. +Ramanan S's generator could work too for quick ideas.

At least one extra should challenge the party for dominance, or try to turn on them at the first sign of loot, or balk at really freaky danger. This will let you go over Test of Wills. Extras will want armor, and weapons...will want to haggle over loot and shares. Extras take actions on controlling player's initiative card.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Savage Perils of the Sunken City.

So, I got the Sunken City Omnibus not long ago. The first "funnel" adventure is light enough that I'm going to grab it and use it for a Savage Worlds demo for folks who've never done Fantasy with the system. Here are my conversion notes of monsters in the module. This assumes you have both the module and Savage Worlds Deluxe. Hat tip to the Savage Free Bestiary as well. I've added traps and environmental hazards to the key also.

Cells of the Arena Slaves D-1

Healing pool restores all Wounds, and Fatigue on first contact. Repeated use in seven days heals all Wounds, but inflicts one level of Fatigue.

Collapsed Tunnel D-6

Dislodging the necklace here causes a minor collapse. Agility roll -2; fail 3d6 damage, success fatigue -1, raise negates.

Crocodillos (2)

As Aligator / Crocodile in SWDX.
Notes say that these two are "lethargic" from feasting on Opossum men that also roam the area. So if you're merciful you could step-down the die type on STR damage they do by one or two types, or as the text suggests "they do not pursue" those who flee their wallow.

Fellow (prisoners is how I'm running this) 

Extras for the players to "control" in fights. 2 to 4 per PC.
Flat d6 in everything. If a player takes a real interest, add D8 something implied by nickname. Nickname will imply personality unless you wish to "roll" or invent one. At least one extra should challenge the party for dominance, or try to turn on them at the first sign of loot, or balk at really freaky danger. Extras will want armor, and weapons...will want to haggle over loot and shares. Extras take actions on controlling player's initiative card.

Luck Shrine (Trap) D-4

Gas Trap as Venomous Poison, Medium Burst Template, 10 Mins to disperse. Vigor roll. Smarts or Agility roll for those who witness the opening of the trap to add +2 to the Vigor roll.
Flipping the brass marker on the vase from "Tragedy" to "Comedy" mask disarms the jar in question, 50% chance of each side facing out roll upon inspection. Treat "Electrum Coin" as a half-pound of meteoric iron hammered into a medallion bearing Malloc's tree sigil.

Madazkan's Arena (Death-Trap and Puzzle) A-5 

Theres a lot going on here. I haven't decided how to handle it. Contested Spirit Rolls vs. the arena crowd ghosts to act normally. Spears maybe Fighting d8 Damage 2d6. Flying murder-balls maybe Fighting d8 with Bash maneuver to drive people over the wall and into the pit. Crossing the wall without some kind of trick (Smarts roll -2 to time the climb, Agility -2 to finesse their way over...the book suggests climbing over a fallen companion...) will inflict 2d4 damage. The electrified screen maybe causes a vigor roll, and failure inflicts 1 Bumps and Bruises Fatigue each time as raw-elemental electricity courses through a body. Maybe do something really nasty if the character is "grounded" to another object when hit with this?

I think you could probably write a book about the merits of deadliness and translation to Savage Worlds. Some SW people might say its against the "Fun" in the FFF! motto, but if you can make it Fast, and make it seem Furious...two out of three ain't bad.

This is a bit of a railroad careful clues and descriptions could turn some of that around. Inspecting the levers in the box could yield vital clues to the traps. Throwing the levers might start the whole least then they'd feel like it was there fault. Or it may demonstrate the arena's deadliness? Theres a few clues sprinkled into the description of the areas here, AND there's a few suits of decent armor. Be sure to have the Extras argue over who gets the good protection. *evil grin*

Malloc's Temple (Trap / Puzzle & NPC Patron encounter) D-8

Tendrils (8) Wounds as Extras, Rolls and initiative as Wild Cards
D8 for all Attributes
Pace 6, Parry 5, Toughness 7
Fighting d8

Malloc thirsts and begins at Reaction Hostile. Bearing a sigil of Malloc adds +2 to Persuasion attempts. Add +1 to Persuasion for deference, good acting etc. and let all the players get the chance to pile on this score. Even then Malloc is an ancient and twisted being that knows no play it like that.

Those who offer to take the "mark of Malloc" must offer their blood by sticking their something into Malloc's maw willingly. These characters suffer two Thirst Fatigue levels. A Sigil of Malloc will prevent the fatal effects of Thirst Incapacitation if the character hits that level.

This is a deal that must be struck...its not automatic. Those who take the Mark must accept a taboo (Vow Hinderance), and receive the Common Bond, Luck Edges as well as a deformity that imposes the Ugly Hindrance until their taboo is broken. Common Bond only works with other marked characters. Breaking the taboo inflicts Thirst Incapacitation immediately.

Refusing the mark results in a psychic backlash, and characters are shaken for 2d6 minutes, making them easy to rebel against, or wound and offer to Malloc. Spirit roll will cut the time in half, raise will negate.

Crossing the "circle" on the floor without bearing a sigil of Malloc, or attempting some obeisance, triggers the grasping tendrils, they grapple and drag people towards Malloc's maw at their pace. Wounded tendrils are severed and wither. One round later, another sprouts from the vacant hole and is dealt into initiative.

Opossum men (Degenerate Opposummen) (8) 

Add more if its fun, or buff one with Wild Card status for a prolonged battle.
As Gnoll in Free Bestiary. Reaction starts at "Hostile"
On a fighting roll of 1, the creature "freezes" for 1d6+1 rounds and looses its bowels / excretes a powerful musk. Treat this as Stun power (Vigor roll -2 saves) with a "Nauseating" trapping. Small Burst Template, centered on the creature. Read: adjacent squares affected, or 10' radius cloud around "frozen" adversary...however you like to roll. Persists as long as the creature "plays" dead.

Purple Slimes (2) (Wild Cards) 

Wild Card status may be overkill, but provides better chance of raise on Fighting roll to activate Madness Touch. You're the GM, figure it out.
Modified "Cavern Crawler" blobs from Savage Free Bestiary.
Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d12
Pace: 2; Parry: 5; Toughness: 6
Special Abilities:
Fearless: immune to Fear, and cannot be Intimidated or Taunted.
Immunity: no damage from cold or fire based attacks.
Ooze: +2 to recover from Shaken; no damage from called shots; immune to poison and disease.
Can not Gang Up on.
Can’t be blinded or deafened, they ‘see’ by feeling vibrations, ignore all lighting penalties.
Reach: 1 (stretchy reach)
Size: +1
Slow: Crawlers have a Pace of 2, and can’t run.
Wall Walker: They can move up walls and across ceilings without difficulty.
Madness Touch: As Fear power with a Fear penalty of 2, by touch, Extras are "Panicked" until a successful Test of Wills is made against them to get them to calm down. Intimidate does not work in this case. A Raise on the Fighting roll imposes Spirit -2 to save.

Rod of Chains Arena area F

The Rod of Chains allows the bearer to Roll Spirit to "turn" the skeletons of the slaves once per encounter with Skeletons. Failure enrages them and they focus on the bearer, success emancipates 50% of them. Raise emancipates all of them. Stats as a Long Sword in SWDX, STR+d8 damage.

Skeletons (Chain Skeletons)

As Skeletons in SWDX.
Treat their barbed, slave-chains as Spears AND Flails: STR + d6;  Parry +1, Reach 1, 2 Hands, Ignores Shield Parry, and Cover Bonuses.

"Whiskers" the giant, catfish

As Shark, Great White in SWDX
Add "swallow whole" from Giant Sturgeon in Savage Free Bestiary

Comments Welcome

This is my first big-ish conversion like this, and commentary and discussion is welcome.