Thursday, June 19, 2014

D30 folks you met in prison

D30-ish fellow prisoners and their disposition

  1. Alice Lively:  Friendly
  2. Aggravated Karl: Hostile
  3. Cap'n: Neutral
  4. Carnie Asada:  Neutral
  5. Cat-Fart / Puke: Hostile
  6. Chafey & Slick Nethers: Friendly
  7. Gaurmish: Neutral
  8. Grumbles / Mumbles: Neutral
  9. Handsome Glauk / Prettyboy Thor: Neutral
  10. Hapless / Lucky: Friendly
  11. Jah-Balance: Friendly
  12. Jenny Quid: Neutral
  13. Li'l Debbie: Friendly
  14. Maggie Pup: Hostile
  15. Marigold: Neutral
  16. Narr Neckbeard: Neutral
  17. Og the Mot: Neutral
  18. One-Two: Neutral
  19. Piddling Pete: Neutral
  20. Ponyboy: Neutral
  21. Poxy / Sleazy: Neutral
  22. Relioh: Neutral
  23. Rubberlegs: Neutral
  24. Shane McGowan: Uncooperative
  25. Sours: Friendly
  26. Slop / Wanks: Neutral
  27. The Neck: Neutral
  28. Three Teeth: Hostile
  29. Ulk Big-Thumb: Neutral
  30. Vorgrak the Voormi: Hostile
I'm doing a little leg work for a Savage Worlds conversion of SC-1 Perils of the Sunken City by +Jon Marr. Thanks to the G+ people, I now have an easy list of Extras to put through the funnel with the PC's. The idea is to get as much of the Savage Worlds system out in the open in stages as I can. Extras are a fun, and distinct feature of Savage Worlds, and the Extras that make it back alive with the party could become fixtures of the game.

If I wanted something closer to an actual funnel, I'd just give the players four chumps, and let them pick names from this list. I don't think the players in question are accustomed to that, so I'll probably have them build Novice level characters and throw them in with this bunch. The most important thing will be to throw in a quiet moment where they can talk about how they wound up in Mustertown's prison interlude later in the dungeon to milk Bennies might serve that purpose. I'm actually thinking of starting the game "after" the group has been attacked by the opossum men and then "skipping back" to the start in a bit of a flashback, but that might be too fancy for me. We'll see.

Roll, or use any name that strikes your fancy, mark them off and write new ones in if you want to keep a living list of scum. Some are grouped to pair the list down to 30.x

2 to 4 per PC depending, they're designed to be fodder for the funnel. Flat d6 in everything. If a player takes a real interest in one, add D8 skill or to something implied by nickname. Nickname will imply personality unless you wish to roll for or invent one. Purple Sorcerer has a great little generator for 0-level that could throw up some inspiring info. +Ramanan S's generator could work too for quick ideas.

At least one extra should challenge the party for dominance, or try to turn on them at the first sign of loot, or balk at really freaky danger. This will let you go over Test of Wills. Extras will want armor, and weapons...will want to haggle over loot and shares. Extras take actions on controlling player's initiative card.