Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I'm not good for frequent posting. I'm still tinkering with Blackmarsh, trying to understand it, trying to make it less (in my humble opinion) vanilla-fantasy. Meanwhile there are a great number of creative, and productive DIY D&D projects just erupting around me, and lots of "I paid for this product and now I'm going to read it" type-situations to take my attention away from getting up a regular blog post.

The "Gygaxian-democracy" thing has been producing interesting and eminently useable crowd-sourced things for play. You can, were you inclined, simply pickup, prep a bit, and run things like Devilmount, The Kraal, and Hexenbracken. In their way, they are more distinct, interesting, and useful than many, many, many products that you and I have paid for. I love that, and I think you should look them over if you get the chance. Armed with any of your favorite versions of the rules, and maybe Zak's advice on "How To" do should be in for a lot of fun and discovery.

There are a few products for Labyrinth Lord that I have found to be worth my money in terms of ideas and potential use, and they are from Sine Nomine. Red Tide: Campaign Sourcebook and Sandbox Toolkit, and An Echo, Resounding: A Sourcebook for Lordship and War are two products that seem like companion pieces to me. They explain the "sandbox" thesis of Sine Nomine pretty well, and give good examples to boot. Spears of the Dawn and Other Dust also look like great and useable games, but I'm not done really digging into them. I did help KickStart Spears, and the timeliness and the quality of it convinced me to go back and look at other products...well played +Kevin Crawford ...well played.

Things I have in the "to-do" plie for the Hex-Reassignment thing, which I feel will cap that thing off for now are as follows:

  • post some sample encounter tables for the region and a list of useful links for running
  • post a list of the things that inspired the work to begin with
  • maybe post something covering the meta aspects of my take on this...maybe