Blackmash: A G+ Hangout Game

A picture I googled that made me happy...

Around November of 2014, I started a G+ game as an off-week substitute for the HMS Apollyon Game run by +Gus L over at Dungeon of Signs. Eventually, I took up a Monday game rotation on G+ along with +Ramanan S of Save vs. Total Party Kill as well.

What is Blackmash? Well, right now...its supposed to be a slightly odd-ball, dung-ages, sort of D&D-like game with sci-fi elements from my favorite cartoons, games, and settings hamfistely stuffed into it as I go. Its supposed to be as "open-source" as it can be; meaning that I want the players and those who read about the game and want to use it for whatever purpose (save maybe a commercial purpose...I don't know how to feel about that) can simply take it and chop it up, and use it as they like. I don't want folks to have to pay anything to be able to jump into a game and play. Its my own sort of love-letter to all the great, free, content for D&D-like gaming that is out there.

Its also a game that is driven by player input and interest. As the players push and pull the things that interest them in the game...I've been expanding them. This is just the thinnest of skins on top of bare bones. I also want it to be a learning experience for me, and so the game is mostly been generated procedurally while I run around plunking modules and dungeons down in the game by theme and whatever jumps out at me. I've been trying to keep it organized, but I'm not an organized person by thats been a battle.

So, here are all the related links I have so far...just to try and collect them.