Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hex Reassignment Surgery: Getting Started

Okay, I want to learn something about hexes and stocking them. I've been doing the reading, and being the lazy sort that I am...I intend to re-purpose, re-skin, and borrow wholesale from wherever I can. The purpose is to learn something about what kinds of building and randomization tools I work best with. That means its time for Hex Reassignment Surgery!

Rule #1: Free is for me
If its not free, with some sort of fairly-clear intent of free use attached its not going to be used.

Rule #2: Re-skin-spiration!
There are a ton of awesome, random generators and free ideas out there...try to use them to good effect.

Rule #3: Less is more
Just a reminder to keep the representations light so more people can use them.

Basic Ingredients: 

Hex-Stocking Theory:

Miscellaneous Inspiration & Resources:

Damn, that's a lot to contemplate! Next time, the Elevator Pitch, and some re-defining of the basic Blackmarsh lingo to suit my desire.