Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ten Freaks for Hubris Part 1

Inspired by the Hubris "frankengame" hack by +Mike Evans, I decided to put his half-elf mutations table to the test. I ran ten sets of mutations, and posted them in the comments section of his blog. Looking at them gave me an idea for an X-Men style (or Morlocks, or Hellfire Club) group of mutant half-elves for the Hubris setting. They might be allies, enemies, or an interesting origin point for a half-elf character. Hubris as a setting is going much more towards the "weird" side of the scale and is not totally PG...which makes it fun and fresh, rather than Vanilla. This is just a seed of an idea, but anyone is welcome to use it for whatever. 

My personal stake in this idea was to roll up a stable of mutant half-elves for Mike's game hoping that one would survive to be a venerable adventurer. The fact that I'm not likely to have a character in that game didn't stop me from thinking about it all day while unpacking books in my new place...

"I heard that there's a place where they take them freaks. Not to kill 'um, or  gawd them up for the clergy. It ain't even one of them "special" brothels. Nope, the way I heard it...someone name'a Javier puts them back to rights."

Javier's Reformatorium Ab Vacuum
The mysterious Javier is one who's been around the block and back. She uses the unique properties of half-elf mutations to her great benefit. By finding, raising, and sometimes even breeding half-elves, Javier has managed to string together some vicious, loyal, and often powerful freaks. They bring her influence, and riches on a scale suitable for your games.

How to use the mysterious Javier is up to you. Pick out a few truths about her and the organizational goals and run with it. My interpretation is meant to reflect the intent and tone of the Hubris setting. In my take, Javier is neither a man or a woman, but an androgynous half-elf who somehow survived an uncommon life of murder and pillage. You know, an adventurer. She's got enough skill and knowledge to put together a clandestine organization that goes about trying to kill, abduct, or initiate any half-elves that they find. 

In some places, that could look like a "Reformatorium Ab Vacuum"... a kind of sanitarium where the local freak population can be housed away...and studied...or trained into an army! Other ways to use the idea might be placing a team of Javier's freaks in opposition to the PC's in your game. When the PC's run into them, it could go a number of ways. Since they're always recruiting, they could make a point of trying to get your poor half-elf PC's to rally around their cause by promising greater powers, or more money...or simply a place where they won't be stared at when they walk around.

This collection of freaks is a cut above your usual, slovenly half-elf. They have purpose and some of them have real power, so ... go nuts with that idea. In fact, a trip through the "what went wrong" table could create some very colorful results for a true misfit feel...if you have need of that sort of thing.

With that in mind, my domestic partner and I took the ten and rolled them some stats for Mike's game...y'know to see if we could get the Morlocks, or something like them from his mutations table.  Since this is for fun, I'm just recording the raw rolls and maybe I will assign them to stats later.
...maybe even go through assigning them 1st level classes?
...or develop them using Mikes Monster Rules?

Ten Half-Elves you met at Xavier’s School for Useful Freaks:

15; 13; 12; 8; 12; 13
09 Sunburned Skin
24 Hair Smells Like Garbage

17; 13; 14; 9; 11; 8
06 Yellow Skin
57 Cat Tail

13; 12; 13; 12; 8; 14
03 Grey Skin 
85 Androgynous

15; 8; 11; 13; 15; 14
96 Regeneration 
01 Albino Skin

11; 14; 11; 14; 11; 13
75 Plague Skin 
48 Spiked Tongue

14; 15; 11; 17; 13; 14
54 Pig Face 
64 Small Conjoined Stomach Twin

11; 11; 8; 14; 10; 12
48 Spiked Tongue 
49 Claws and Fangs

14; 12; 12; 16; 7; 12
45 Void Jaunt 
30 Extra Arm

12; 13; 9; 12; 9; 14
67 Overgrown Body Part (roll on a hit location table to decide?) I want it to be the HEAD!
26 White Hair

12; 10; 13; 16; 9; 16
60 Bat Wings 
97 Reptilian Skin