Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ten Freaks for Hubris Part 4

First, I decided to randomly roll ten half-elf characters for +Mike's Hubris hack.

Then, I diverged into table wankery.

Next, I dropped a bunch of stats on you and thought I might be done with these guys.

Finally, I have half-page, 1st level character sheets for these ten freaks!

What is behind the link, and how to use it

The link has a PDF copy of my ten, half-page character sheets for the Hubris game. The ten classes in the Hubris hack are each represented by one Half-elf freak set to Mike's starting rules as best as I can tell. They are pretty freaky and look like fun to me.

Keeping with the X-Men / Morlocks vibe, I imagine these ten as a highly motivated and committed unit who are banded together for mutual protection and to execute the will of their master, Javier. You can make them sound mysterious by using lots of bad Latin phrases. 'Domum Damnatis' and 'Reformatorium ab Vaccum' are two that I really like...regardless of how they don't really translate IRL.

Their very bad German "pirate names" are code-names, or secret names that they know each other by. They would also have as many given aliases as needed. They might travel as some kind of "Midnight Carnival" or may be stationary and based out of a type of sanitarium or asylum for keeping Void / Chaos mutated freaks from offending the bourgeois's delicate sensibilities. There are lots of ways to use these.

Even for "first level" they have some interesting abilities and weaknesses. What intrigues me is the idea that they all can sort of keep tabs on each other using the basic Half-Elf 'Hound Dog' ability. Which could allow them to execute some pretty elaborate plans without having to really talk to each other. They're resistant to further chaos mutations, and have some Elven immunities. To me, that sets the stage for some interesting questions with interesting answers.

Now, if only Mike would let me play the regenerating warrior priest of a bastard trickster god...or the pig-faced alchemist with the small, conjoined stomach twin, or the bat-winged ranger, or...or...or...


Enjoy these!

Notes, Disclaimers, etc...

I learned a lot more about C&C than I thought possible without owning any of the books...that being said...I am prone to human error and make no claim that these are free from flaw.

I also learned that there is a really engaging thing that happens when some of your choices are constrained. The random tables that started all this have really turned me around on the idea of random tables. Guess my PSY professor was right...too many choices = bad; a few choices to spur creativity = stimulating.

Useful Links for C&C

These were *very* helpful, and some are super nice!